Gluten-Free Meal Ideas

I have posted some photos throughout my posts, but I’d like to dedicate this one specifically to what my husband and I have been making over the camping season.

Any of these ideas can be altered to include gluten, but is just so happens that these were all made gluten-free.

To start with, we have been making vegetarian quesadillas (can add meat too, but there is a higher risk of spoiling). I pre make the quesadillas at home using rice-based tortilla shells.  I find that they really hold their shape for this particular recipe. I just spread cream cheese on one of the tortillas and add sliced onion, mushroom and red, yellow or orange pepper.  I add shredded cheese and a few dollops of salsa and then add the top tortilla. These could be frozen and wrapped in newspaper for backcountry camping to keep them cold, or eaten the first night.  They taste amazing after heating over the fire or BBQ.

Some other meal ideas are shown below in photos.




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