Joshua Tree National Park

A continuation of the 2008 road trip; a stop at Joshua Tree National Park. We didn’t spend near enough time there. Just caught a sunset over Palm Springs, and a little exploring. I think I need to go back!

I wasn’t sure about being in the desert during the beginning of July. Prior to arriving in Joshua Tree National Park, Shanna and I got lost on our way to San Bernardino (our half way point to the pacific ocean). We used a map the whole way, but since we didn’t even know what road we were on, we turned on the GPS. We took a left down a road called the “Old Spanish Trail” and that’s pretty much what it was. We drove for ages down this goat path, to find ourselves out at Death Valley. It was blistering hot, and we needed to find a place to camp (too hot in the desert!).

We drove a few more hours to a recreational area. We knew these places usually had campsites, but this place in particular was way off the interstate and circling down into the middle of nowhere.  The recreational site was closed. No camping. The sun was almost set at this point, and we didn’t have time to drive the winding road all the way out to the interstate and find another place to camp, so we decided to set up.  We seen an RV set up, so we kind of snuck behind them. As soon as we had finished setting the tent up, an alarm, siren and announcements went off. We were camped next to a penitentiary! I was terrified.

We got up the next morning and got the hell out of there. We found a campground near San Bernardino and set off for an evening at Joshua Tree National Park (Gram Parsons’ playground).


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