Yellowstone National Park

Another stop during my road trip in 2008 was Yellowstone National Park. All national parks are different in their own way, and Yellowstone followed suit.  We had spent the day driving toward and through Grand Teton National Park, and were exhausted. When we arrived in Yellowstone through the southern access in Wyoming, we were informed that there is a wait list to reserve a site in the campground. Miles from nowhere, we kept our hopes up and after a couple of hours of waiting, we were granted a campsite.

Photo by Shanna Nozdryn
Photo by Shanna Nozdryn

First warnings received by park staff was that there had been a grizzly bear sighting in the park the previous night. We had to make sure (and perhaps sign a waiver, if my memory serves me well) to pack all our food away in the trunk of our car at all times.

It wasn’t too late in the day for a hike and we had to stretch our legs anyway. We did a walk around a boardwalk trail (most of the trails are boardwalk, because you’re walking around geysers so hot your skin would melt in seconds – above boiling temperatures!) next to Yellowstone Lake.

We drove and hiked, drove and hiked. I wasn’t really concerned about the wildlife as much as I was concerned with drivers. People would just stop right in the middle of the road to watch wildlife, despite the fact that there are many turnoff areas. It is strongly encouraged that people not stop in the middle of the road.  A few words of advice… try not to visit a national park during peak season (July and August).

There were geysers and then there were cauldrons which smelled like sulphur to an intense degree.


You can’t go to Yellowstone National Park without seeing Old Faithful erupt. She’s always on time and goes off a few times a day. Before our 11:08 AM showing, we hiked around the area.

And, a trip to the park is definitely not complete without seeing the Grand Prismatic Geyser.


There are canyon views too!


  1. Wow, those pictures of the Grand Prismatic Geyser are amazing. It almost looks like lava. I’ve visited a few national parks this summer in the U.S. and Canada and I agree, there’s something unique about all of them. I hope I make it to Yellowstone too some day!


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