Killarney Provincial Park (Part One)

My husband, Banjo and I were invited on a backcountry canoe trip in Killarney Provincial Park. The park being on the top of my “must go to” list, I was able to get a few days off from work and this whim of a canoe trip all fell into place.

We just celebrated our 3-year anniversary and added a couple of extra days to the trip to spend time together in the wilderness. B, Banjo and I spent 8 days in the interior and it was an incredible trip that we’ve been all affected by.

We spent the first two nights on Bell Lake where our access point was. It was a 30-40 minute paddle to the most western site on the lake. On the way we passed some beauty sights.

Upon arrival on our site, we unloaded the canoe and B went across the lake in search of firewood.  Within 30 minutes, B fell in the lake and got his leg soaking wet. With only one pair of pants, and rain that wasn’t going to let up for a couple of days, he practiced some bushcraft to help the drying process.

Unfortunately, he stepped away for only a few moments to look back at this pants going up in flames. So much for pants – good thing I brought an extra pair!

We had planned to hike the ‘Silver Peak Trail’ on our first full day. The weather was looking promising, so we got an early start. It’s a good 6 hour hike there and back. I believe that the elevation of Silver Peak is as high as or higher than the CN Tower in Toronto.

Almost to the top, the clouds started rolling in and the rain came. The trail was already treacherous because of slippery quartzite and mud, and with added rain, we were hiking through a cascade. We couldn’t spend much time at the top because we were worried of the trail conditions going down, plus it was too cloudy to get a view. Somewhat of a disappointment.

The day we were to meet up with our friends, we woke up to the most beautiful sunrise I’ve ever seen!

And, our sweet little puppy, Banjo, in the Killarney sun.


My sweet little Banjo.
My sweet little Banjo.

Stay tuned for part two..


Wilderness Gal,


  1. I will anxiously await part 2! Man, Cobi! You have again outdone yourself with some excellent photography. I am leaning towards all the amazing close ups of insects and animals, and then you hit us with sunrises, canoe shots, and all sorts of eye candy. Keep up the good work and some day you can make a book out of all these blogs for your kids/grand kids!!!

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