Canis Lupus

I am so lucky to live only a couple of short hours from the Haliburton Forest & Wildlife Reserve. It was a beautiful winter day to take a drive to visit the Wolf Centre.

It was a trip I had intended to take since September 2013 when I picked up and read my first R.D. Lawrence book The North Runner. It is an exceptional true story of a wolf dog that Lawrence raised in Northern Ontario. I was so deeply affected by the ending that it took me 3 days to explain it to my husband, and even then I was sobbing uncontrollably. Lawrence is a Canadian naturalist and biologist who was born in Spain in 1921. R.D.  passed away in November of 2003 of Alzheimer’s disease and left 6 books unfinished. He has written over 30! I have listed a few book recommendations on my Resources page. I will do a proper blog post on this man because his books, his work and relationship with wolves is so extraordinary.

We stopped at the sky view lookout in Haliburton for a fantastic view of the highlands, and had lunch in town at Kozy Korner.

I wasn’t sure whether we’d see any wolves or not, because I knew they have a 15 acre enclosure to roam freely in. To my surprise I was able to see 5 wolves close by with a sixth wolf roaming in the forest. Here is what I was able to see through my lens.

How lucky was I? I have such love for these animals since discovering R.D. Lawrence and loving films like Dances with Wolves and White Fang. What a wonderful day!

To top it all off, I seen a moose on the way home. Unfortunately, the photo I took is horrible!


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