Bark in the Forest

On January 1st, my husband took Banjo and I on a hike in the township of Woolwich.  You can view the map of trails here. We hiked the Grand Valley trail along the top of the map in blue. Woolwich Township has eleven trails totalling more than 80 km’s.

It was a nice little trail that I think we’ll frequent often. You start off hiking up a ridge along the Grand River and eventually hike along crop fields in a mostly cedar forest. But, this forest had a fantastic mixture of ironwood, beech, oak, maple, cherry and ash.

Of course I brought my camera and was wondering what theme I might try to photograph. I have become very comfortable identifying trees when they have leaves, but not so confident identifying with only bark. So, I took a few photographs as a reminder for myself. My theme for this post is Bark in the Forest.


Looking back at the beginning of the trail and the Grand River.


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