Being Autumn

The leaves are changing. The temperature is changing. The daylight is changing. The landscape is changing. We are changing.

It is a beautiful time of year for walks, warm cups of tea or coffee, extra layers, frost and seeing our breath, cold noses and hot bowls of homemade soup. Towns are bustling with autumn fairs and fall colours. Oranges, reds, yellows and browns.

Root vegetables are making their way to our plates. Apples are crisp and being pressed for cider. The air smells sweet and feels fresh.

Hunting season has begun. Folks are hunting for their winter supply of meat for stew, chops and roasts. We are hunting and gathering for the next season. Hunter/gatherers. Gathering and preserving for our shelves. Hunting for our freezers. Gathering wood for our stoves. We are preparing for winter survival.


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