Christmas Gear

My husband and I had a fantastic Christmas filled with outdoor gear surprises. I think the biggest surprise for the both of us was a Tregurtha Frost River canoe pack for my husband. He desperately needed a new one, and had his eye on this company’s traditional canvas canoe packs for quite a few months. They’re expensive but will last a lifetime.

I desperately needed a new paddle, and much to my surprise I received “the Badger Tripper” paddle from Badger Paddles. We’re Peterborough, Ontario natives, so B was able to purchase it from Wild Rock Outfitters.

I’m so happy it came with the paddle sock!

Some other great gear that we received is pictured below.

Over Christmas, I had the opportunity to fire that wood stove up at the waterfall on the farm!  It’s great!  I can’t wait to take it into the backcountry or on the trail for a cook out.

Other great pieces of gear that we’ve accumulated is a phoenix wilderness hat for B, Jeff’s Killarney Map (water and tear proof), a yoke that I had made for my dad’s mammoth aluminium canoe and a Small Forest Axe by Gransfors Bruk  made in Sweden, but purchased from the Canadian Outdoor Equipment Co. in Mississauga, Ontario.

And finally, the access point at Killarney Provincial Park that we’ll be using as we embark on a twelve-day backcountry canoe trip for B’s master’s degree/graduation gift.



  1. you guys make me soooo jealous!!! Having all that gear and the places to use it all, even when we are hunkered down in a loaded tent trailer, you two brave it in your comfy tent with all the fixin’s! I love it when you guys make such awesome meals on all your camping gear and it looks and tastes better than any meal cooked at home in the kitchen…We’re really looking forward to doing more camping this year with all our family and pets. We always have such a fun time and we all love to camp, fish, hike and just generally be outdoors. You’ve been doing it since you were a baby, along wit your Brother and us, so you already had the love of the outdoors and water. We need to get more fishing done so we can cook up some deadly fish fry’s!!! See you out in the boonies!!! …….. Dad


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