Winter Walks | Petroglyphs Provincial Park

Some places are just more special than others. It could also be one place that becomes more special as the seasons change. For me, that place is the Petroglyphs Provincial Park during winter.


I have been to this park in the spring and summer when the building that surrounds the petroglyphs is open, but I’ve never loved this place more than walking in the forest that surrounds it during winter. The wind howls through the bare deciduous trees like oak, maple, beech and birch; and the bluejays, chickadees and other feathered birds seek shelter in the coniferous trees like the pines, hemlocks, and spruce trees. I always feel like the chickadees are following me through the forest and I absolutely love their company every time.


It wasn’t until I was living overseas in London that this place really touched my soul. I was really homesick. I used to plaster photos of the Canadian shield all over my flat and dream of it while I was living the city life. When I moved home, I spent a lot of time taking my family dog for long walks at the park.

Each time that I have gone, the sky has been cloudless and the kind of deep sky-blue that peeks during mid-day. It has always hovered around -10 degrees celsius and that warm sun has always felt so warming on my skin.

I love this place so much because it’s quite clear there’s an abundance of wildlife activity. There are game trails everywhere. It would be the perfect place to go animal tracking and this would be my dream sit spot location.

It is a very spiritual place, especially for the First Nations. The rock has the largest collection of ancient First Nations rock carvings in Ontario. The park has even been designated a National Historic Site of Canada.

One of my favourite places on earth!

Me, during one of my autumn walks.
Me, during one of my autumn walks.


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