February Cookout

To celebrate Valentine’s Day and Banjo’s 1st birthday, the three of us went for a nice winter walk and had a cookout in the Grand River Conservation area along the Grand River Trail. We managed to find a window of moderate temperatures to go between the deep freeze that much of Ontario is currently experiencing. We had hiked this trail before (Bark in the Forest), but this time we headed west instead of east.

Screen Shot 2015-02-15 at 8.35.26 AM


There were snow squalls in the area but our midday excursion gave us blue skies. We started in a mostly cedar forest and then into a field of dreams. Banjo had the most fun I think!


There were a few photo opportunities. I love the beauty of winter!

The snow was knee-deep, but light and fluffy so it was easy to walk through. There was a small opening in the tree line so we went to explore. It was the perfect place for our cookout!

I love winter!


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