Bon-a-Fire Birthday

The Bon-a-Fire Birthday party was really just an excuse to get outside. I spent over 8 hours straight out of doors on Saturday and it was fantastic! I couldn’t have asked for a better day. Southern Ontario has been experiencing a deep freeze with lows in the -20s and -30s with the windchill, so when the forecast was calling for a cloudless day and a high of -5 I was ecstatic!

B and I spent Thursday morning cutting wood for the bon fire and cooking fire. When we went out into the bush it was -26 and we were accompanied by B’s dad, nephew David, and niece Oakleigh. B got a nice warming fire going and we all stayed out until just after lunch. It was great to spend time with B’s nephew and niece!

Over 40 people and 10 dogs showed up on Saturday for the party. It was really wonderful to see everyone and exciting to see so many people having fun outside during winter. A fire on my birthday has become an annual tradition. I’m so lucky to have a special place to host such an event.

B made a spicy chilli and bannock. I had chilled wine and created a warming bar for our guests.

Here are a few shots of the hill in action!

When the sun set B finally took me out to find my birthday gift. We walked across the pond into the cedar forest to the waterfall and he told me to look up. There was a 60L canoe tripping barrel equipped with a Ostrom Voyageur 60 Harness and barrel pouch hanging in the tree!  I was pumped!  We pretty much have all of the quality gear we need (except our own canoe!).  The barrel and harness were purchased from Recreational Barrel Works in our old stomping grounds of Peterborough.

In addition to the barrel, I also received an MSR Autoflow Gravity Filter (4L) and an MSR Dromedary Water Bag (6L). No more hand pump water filter for this gal!

4000-491_BK000_view1_150x150 5015-635_NOC02_view1_150x150





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