Early Spring Excursions

Spring time is always an exciting time for us. First the temperature warms and starts to thaw the sap in the trees. The most wonderful is the sap that thaws in the maples. B’s family has been harvesting sap for many years and making maple syrup. It’s always fun to be in the sap house when the steam smells like maple and hard work pays off!

On Easter Sunday we spent more time with B’s family. The kids were given kites and with a beautiful day, it wasn’t hard to spend the afternoon outside and going for a walk on the farm. I had so much fun taking photographs of the kite flying!

With the ground thawing, little insects are starting to emerge and the bluebirds are returning to the farm.

We were approaching the trout pond when everyone was telling me to get my camera out (it already was, but I had to change my lens!). I had just enough time to snap a photo of a male hooded merganser until he took off in flight right over my head. I didn’t have enough time to get a good shot of the female.

What an Easter day it had turned out to be!  We also had little milkweed boat races down the spring where the wild mint grows and a go at crossing the trout pond over the log.

It was such a beautiful day! When we arrived back at the house from our afternoon outside, dinner was waiting for us inside!

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