Seven Mouths to Feed

The dehydrator has been going non-stop for almost 4 weeks, camping gear is scattered everywhere, Banjo’s been wandering around the house with her life jacket on, meals are piling up in storage bins as they are being put together, the house smells like a tropical cocktail as we dehydrate more fruit leather, and every time I look over at my husband he’s sitting in the canoe.. yes, it’s still in our living room!

That, my friends is two people and a dog preparing for 9 glorious days in the backcountry of Algonquin Park. We can’t wait.

I’ve been tasked as the group leader and have volunteered to put all of our meals together. It’s a big job, but I am happy to do it. There are six people going on the canoe trip in total, so I’ve added a couple of extra portions to each meal for those big eaters. By the looks of it, no one is going to go hungry, even Banjo.

A lot of our snack-type foods have been purchased off the cuff as they have been on sale, but most other ingredients were purchased in one go. Rolling up to the checkout in the grocery store with a cart that looks like it’s for two super unhealthy eaters was pretty embarrassing, add to that 13 chocolate bars from the shelf. My gosh.

Here are some photographs of it all coming together. I’ve included a copy of our menu. It sure looks extravagant, but we’re on holiday!

Happy trails!


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