Killarney Provincial Park (2015) – Part Three

Another overcast sky on day 3. I was okay with that because at least it didn’t rain.

Approaching our 1465 meter portage into Norway Lake
Approaching our 1425 metre portage into Norway Lake

This was a big day. We had a 1425 metre portage into Norway Lake and then a 1375 metre portage into Killarney Lake. The 1425m was actually our first of the trip aside from the 45m at the very beginning.

It felt good to have the food barrel on my back and feel like we were making more progress into the Killarney wilderness. More white quartz mountains were starting to reveal themselves and the landscape became more stunning.

B, Banjo and I really worked out a great system for portaging. With it just being the 3 of us, we never wanted to be more than 15 minutes apart from each other. So, I timed the first 15 minutes into the portage where B dropped his pack, and where Banjo and I waited for him to go get the canoe.

I always love seeing water through the trees when you’re nearing the end of the trail. The scenery is always such a surprise and the feeling of accomplishment that you carried all of your belongings to that point is worth it.

Norway Lake
Norway Lake

The lake wasn’t overly large so it was a quick paddle to our final portage of the day. This 1375 metre trail followed a creek bed and despite it’s length, it was fairly easy. In high water, you can paddle the creek. The view at the other end was amazing.

More incredible scenery was just being thrown at us! Killarney Lake is probably one of my favourites.

Our campsite was amazing. I was very excited to get out of the canoe, call it a day and explore our new home for two nights.

With it being a long day, we were in the tent before 7:00PM ending the day with a good read. And, throughout the night 2 wolves howled in the ridge behind our campsite.


Day 3 as shown on Jeff's Map. Kakakise to Killarney via Norway Lake
Day 3 as shown on Jeff’s Map. Kakakise to Killarney via Norway Lake. We camped on site 24.

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