Killarney Provincial Park (2015) – Part Two

The wind howled all night as I listened to the waves crash against the shore. I buried myself in my sleeping bag and tried to tell myself that I wasn’t hearing a bear batting our food barrel around in the tree we hung it from, and that it wasn’t walking along the shoreline near our tent. It’s funny how the first unfamiliar sounds of nature influence your imagination. No it wasn’t a bear, it was just the sound of the waves.

I hoped and wished so bad that we would be able to paddle across George Lake on our second day and really get this trip started. It was an overcast day and a bit of light drizzle but looking out at the lake, it did seem like the wind had died down and enough that we could pack up camp and hit the water.


We paddled across to our first portage of the trip, a 45 metre into Freeland Lake. It was a beautiful little portage, however small. We took a load to the put-in and I was just about to head back for the last few bits when I glanced out at Freeland Lake. There, swimming across the narrows were 2 moose! If I hadn’t taken that glance, I would have never seen them.


Freeland was very beautiful. So much granite rock and moss that covered the ground. I loved paddling this lake, and I loved that we were able to paddle. It seemed that the hurricane gale-force winds were behind us.

We had to lift over a beaver dam to get to our second portage of 1765 meters. The map said that if the water was high we might be able to paddle Kakakise Creek. We both opted for the creek route bypassing 1765 metres of portaging! Sure there were a few obstacles in the way, but that makes for adventure!


We approached a bridge that was part of the hiking trail to “The Crack” look out. Rather than taking all our gear out and portaging around, we decided to attach Banjo’s leash and try some handy work at pulling the canoe under. B was hanging off the side  and I was laying on the bridge when 3 people came out of nowhere! I’m sure they weren’t expecting to see us, nor were we expecting to see them.


Kakakise Lake all to ourselves
Kakakise Lake all to ourselves

We had a nice little campsite at the end of Kakakise Lake near our next portage. We camped here for one night and had the lake to ourselves. It felt good to have completed day 2 of our trip when only the day before had been so tough. I woke up to hear a Barred Owl hooting along the shore and about 20 or so minutes later 2 other Barred Owls hooted back from the hemlock tree above our tent! I heard every intricacy in their call. It was amazing. I love these little gifts from nature. Seeing 2 moose swimming, hearing 2 Barred Owls hooting above my tent. I feel very fortunate.

We woke up to more overcast on day three.

Our route on day two. We camped on site number 9.

Day Two - George to Kakakise
Route of day two as shown on Jeff’s Map. George Lake to Kakakise Lake

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