Celebration of Winter Solstice

My favourite day of the year has passed. And to celebrate I did nothing. It wasn’t because I didn’t want to, it was because it was 10+ degrees, rainy and didn’t feel like winter at all.

Most people I talk with are happy about the mild temperatures and lack of snow to shovel and drive through. But me, I’m sad. Winter is my favourite season and each year it seems to be shorter and shorter. I can no longer count on a good snow accumulation in December for the arrival of my favourite season.


In saying all of that, the changing of seasons can’t just be a date on the calendar. It’s a feeling in the air and a change in nature that represents a season changing. December has almost always been mild and green during the past several years and it really doesn’t start to feel like winter until at least mid-January.

I live in Canada. To me, Canada represents the “great white north.” Where is the white? It’s definitely above the 60th parallel north line.

While living in the Yukon, I was just north of the 60th parallel line. The snow fell on Thanksgiving Monday in 2012 and didn’t leave until mid-May 2013. We had a good solid 8 months of winter. It was fantastic!

I think I need to live in a place within Ontario that is in a snow belt. I love snow. I love how much animal activity you can see in the snow. I love a still winter day or night with a heavy thick snow fall. I love the smell of snow. I love winter activities like snowshoeing, having a cookout and just generally being outside. I love those crisp winter nights where there are no clouds in the sky but the light from the moon is bright enough to make the snow crystals sparkle.

I also love how nature shuts down during winter. I find it interesting how animals gather and prepare for winter months. The struggle and survival that nature goes through is incredible and mind-blowing.

I also love being indoors feeling the heat from a woodstove. Come on winter, hurry up and get here!

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