Take a Hike | Bruce Trail

I’d been cooped up in the apartment for weeks! It felt like I hadn’t been outside since Christmas holiday. It was driving me crazy! The only time I go outside is early in DSC_0079the morning to take Banjo for a walk before work and when I get home to take her for another walk.

Since my husband is no longer home during the week and has our only vehicle, it’s been hard to get any further than where my legs can take me. When he does come home on weekends, we’re usually busy running errands and preparing for the week apart from each other.

On Saturday I put my foot down! I demanded that we take the day off, and we did. It was an absolute beautiful day with not a cloud in the sky and a high of -6 celsius. We decided to walk a small section of The Bruce Trail that meanders around and through Limehouse Conservation Area. We probably did a total of 5.5 kms which isn’t a lot, but we didn’t hit the trail until almost 1pm.


The access to The Bruce Trail was found from the roadway, and we hiked through hardwoods, up ridges, over fences, through fields, along creeks and by tall deciduous trees. It was the fresh air and the shining sun on my face that I really needed.

We’re claiming our Saturdays of fun and exploring back! Chores and mundane tasks can be done on Sunday no matter how chaotic. This weekend we’re off to hike another section of The Bruce Trail.

It’s just so nice to be outside!


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