2016 Map and Flap

My husband and I hosted the first-ever “Map and Flap” at the hunting camp on his parent’s farm this past weekend. The idea was to have our friends each propose a canoe route to the group that we would like to do this summer.

We had an excellent turn out with 10 people and 3 dogs for the weekend! And, B’s brother, sister-in-law, nephew and niece joined us too!

Group of 13 and 3 dogs!
Group of 13 and 3 dogs!

The temperatures over the weekend varied from -18 to -50 (with the windchill). We were warm and cozy inside the hunting camp with a wood stove and insulated walls, but the single-pane windows sure frosted up!


Banjo and Umi (Gitchee Gumi)
Banjo and Umi (Gitchee Gumi)

Meal contributions for the weekend were excellent! Risotto for dinner Saturday night with fresh-baked French bread, Huevos Rancheros for breakfast on Sunday and chilli for dinner on Sunday night.

Sunday morning sunrise.
Sunday morning sunrise.

Sunday was -18 with not a cloud in the sky. We hiked over to B’s brother’s farm and out onto the lake for a fire and cookout.

Sunday night we started on our canoe route proposals. B and myself took it quite seriously and each put together a powerpoint presentation!

Me presenting a canoe route in Temagami
B presenting a canoe route in Algonquin
B presenting a canoe route in Algonquin

There were many great ideas. We discussed a route in Biscotasing, Algonquin, Killarney, the French River (two groups proposed this), and Temagami. I think we all decided on the French River and Temagami.


We had such a fantastic time with new and old friends and can’t wait to get out on the water and make these route plans come to life!



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