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I never thought I’d live in the Yukon. I remember looking at a map of Canada in my grade nine geography class and seeing how far away that part of the country is. In the back of my mind growing up, I always wanted to visit that territory. It really stood out to me because my favourite movie is White Fang and because as long as I can remember, north has been my direction. Thoughts and feelings of north make my heart ache.

Welcome to the Yukon
Welcome to the Yukon

But in April 2012 life had different plans for me. My husband and I sold most of our belongings and within two weeks we were driving across Canada headed for Watson Lake, Yukon. We lived there for 13 months. I always wanted to live in the mountains. I never, ever thought this would happen for me. But the Yukon gave me many mountains to fill my heart.

Whenever I drive through Ontario’s shield country, I always dream of living there. Huntsville, Haliburton, or Bancroft area. It is a dream that both my husband and I share. All of a sudden in December 2015, life and plans changed quickly for us living west of Toronto. Within a couple of weeks my husband had moved up north. It seems that a reality of living up north has come true. My days are numbered at work and notice of my last day has been given with a few weeks left.

2016 is going to be a year of change. Not only am I moving up north to be with my husband and closer to wilderness, but I’ve also decided to go back to school to pursue photography. I am tired of sitting at a desk and staring at a screen for 7.25 hours a day, five days a week. It’s time to spend more time outside and away from the hustle and bustle of populated southern Ontario.

Back to the country, where I belong.

Living 2 hours north of Toronto puts me an hour from Algonquin PP and 2 hours from Killarney PP, not to mention closer to all the other wilderness and crown land in the area.

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  1. you’ve always been a country girl, Cobi, so it doesn’t surprise me that you will end up living that life and loving every minute of it! Congratulations and make sure we can come and camp in your yard or nearby. We love the north and all it’s benefits too, right? 🙂


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