Huckleberry Rock Trail

DSC_0670Another find here in Muskoka! The Huckleberry Rock Trail found near Milford Bay. I know I will be going back to this trail many times. Rocks on this trail are some of the oldest in the world (well over a billion years old)!

The trail info from Muskoka Trails Council, states that the effects of glaciation, timber harvesting, erosion and fire have removed the thin mantle of soil, exposing the surface of the pink granite rock.

The Canadian shield is one of the main reasons why my husband and I wanted to move to this area. It’s these rocks that I love so much! Add to that the pines, oaks, hills, lakes and wildlife and my heart skips a beat.


There is a good incline in the trail to get you to the top of the rock near the lookout. I was so fascinated by the first glimpses of the massive rock and landscape, and even the first views of the lake at that elevation are breathtaking.


We kept following the trail and were presented with more incredible views of the lake.



Huckleberry Rock Trail is located southeast of Port Carling, the trailhead for the trail can be found off Milford Bay Road. The route is a moderate 2.5 km (1.6 mi) loop that traverses over some hilly, rocky terrain to a scenic lookout.



My next visits will be in time for the golden hour, when the leaves are out on the trees, and in the fall to see them at their peak. What a great place and it’s so close by!


    • There is a huge area that has been burned and I wasn’t really able to get a good photograph of it. I didn’t have my wide angle. Definitely worth seeing if you’re in the area and need to stretch your legs. It is so neat!

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