Algonquin – a short visit

The East Gate
The East Gate

It’s the perfect time to see moose along Highway 60 in Algonquin Park. The leaves aren’t yet on the trees allowing you to spot them moving through the bush, and they’re feeding and drinking in the ditches near the highway because of the salt run off.

I was up early and on the road by 7am. I mostly had the sun in my eyes the whole morning and didn’t spot a thing all the way to the east gate. It was a nice drive though and interesting to see the ice-out conditions on the lakes. Backcountry permits have been pushed forward to May 4th in anticipation of the lakes being ice-free.


There is still a ways to go yet, but there is definitely melt happening at the shorelines. Lake of Two Rivers is almost there, Sproule Bay on Lake Opeongo is open (but not the rest of the lake yet), and the water taxi’s are just waiting to get launched. Canoe Lake still has some melting to do, but this won’t take long. The forecast for the next few days shows full sun, and the power from the sun will do the trick.

Banjo and I stopped to hike a little bit of the Hemlock Bluff Trail, although we didn’t make it to the cliff. We will have to go back. I was feeling under the weather this week and didn’t want to push it.

Back in the car and praying to the bush gods that I would see a moose, just one moose, still nothing. I was almost to The Portage Store and knew the park boundary was nearing. At least I was in the park today and took some photographs if nothing else.

Smoke Lake
Smoke Lake

Then, on the side of the road was mama and babe! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Always such a gift to see wildlife. I feel truly blessed for the opportunity to watch these two and snap a few photographs.


I pulled in at the Smoke Lake Access Point. It has been 6 years since I launched a canoe and ventured out on my first canoe trip ever. That trip changed my life!



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