Birds of a Feather – My Collection

I’ve been after this book called A Guide to North American Species: Bird Feathers by S. David Scott and Casey McFarland. It’s a fantastic book that shows you how to identify what bird the feather came from and what kind of feather it is. My awesome in-laws bought it for me for Christmas.


I have started a little collection for myself of feathers I’ve found over the past few years while out on my adventures. I was really hesitant at first to take the feathers because a) I was always taught that feathers are dirty and crawling with disease and 2. I should take only photos and leave only footprints.

I browsed the internet for advice and realized that a lot of people have many varying opinions, and decided to follow my gut instinct. Feathers make me happy and the excitement I get when I am surprised by the identification is worth keeping a collection for myself. Seriously, the excitement is too much to handle sometimes!

I don’t necessarily feel bad for keeping the feathers when I look at the type of lifestyle I live by always trying to have a small impact on the earth, the respect I have for nature, the fact that I don’t hunt or fish,  I am a vegetarian, and therefore I’m not taking an animal’s life which seems to be so common place. Now that I’ve justified my reason for taking from the forest, I would like to share the feathers I have so far with you.

Last week my husband came home from work and I could hardly wait to tell him about the 2 feathers I brought home from Temagami, and what bird they were from. I was just beaming.

Ruffed Grouse feather I found in Temagami.

I think the next one is a Sharp-shinned Hawk feather, but I can’t be 100%. It could also be a Cooper’s Hawk feather. Maybe someone could confirm for me?

A Broad-winged Hawk feather I found in Temagami.

Yellow-bellied Sapsucker feather.

Blue jay feathers.

Common Loon feathers.

Do you share a passion for bird feathers? What feathers have you found that you are excited about? Leave me a comment! Also, what is your opinion about taking from the forest floor?

Thanks for reading!

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