Celebrating Autumn at the Leslie M. Frost Centre

Changing seasons isn’t a date on the calendar for me, it’s a happening. Over the past 2 weeks, I have noticed so much change in the leaves here in Muskoka as well as the weather and temperature.

Autumn is happening!
Autumn is happening!

On Saturday, B, Banjo and I decided to celebrate autumn with a 9km hike at the Leslie M. Frost Centre (LMFC) in the Algonquin Highlands. When we pulled into the parking lot on Highway 35, guess who we met… Kevin Callan, The Happy Camper! He was guiding an overnight hike as part of the Hike Haliburton Festival. Disappointed that we didn’t sign up in time, it was fun to run into Kevin again.

Waboose Adventures and The Happy Camper!
Waboose Adventures and The Happy Camper!

I have never hiked on the trails at the LMFC, but B, Banjo and I did a canoe trip on the Haliburton Highlands Water Trails earlier in the spring.

A great collection of hiking trails in the Algonquin Highlands
The second time I’ve come across one of these #OHROCKS boards! The other was at the Eagle’s Nest in Bancroft.

It was an absolute gorgeous day with the sun high and bright. I loved hiking this trail and seeing so many intricate indicators of autumn happening.

Oak leaves
Oak leaves
Leslie M. Frost Centre Trails
Leslie M. Frost Centre Trails

We did a series of trails, but started on the Acclimatization Trail. From there we followed the Lakeshore Trail.




We stopped for a coffee break at a lookout on the Lakeshore Trail section.

St.Nora Lake
Coffee break!


Banjo havin’ a blast!

Once we came back to the Acclimatization Trail, we then followed the Steep Rock Trail. The trail was steep in places, but a beautiful section! We passed a campsite that can be reservable through the Haliburton Highlands Water Trails website.

A lot of these old markers are slowly being eaten by the trees!
Reservable campsite through the Haliburton Highlands Water Trails system


We followed the Steep Rock Trail for quite a ways and then found an awesome lunch spot!




An awesome ledge it was! Lunch was great too!

After lunch we continued along the trail. We got a bit lost and ended up back on the Acclimatization Trail that took us back to the Lakeshore section. We were hoping to go the other way!

Not sure how we got lost here!




That was okay, because Banjo wanted to swim again!

Can't keep this dog out of the water...
Can’t keep this dog out of the water… _dsc6659



I’ll definitely be going back to the Leslie M. Frost Centre for more hiking. I can’t wait to take my snowshoes and shoe the trails. It’s only about 45 – 50 minutes away. I love living in Muskoka!

We hiked up quite a thirst, so a cold beer was definitely not out of the question! Lucky us, the Lake of Bays Brewing Company was having a Pumpkin Party!



Wild North Series Pumpkin Ale

It was a great way to celebrate autumn! Thank you so much for reading!

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  1. you 3 always find these great things to do and see! Hopefully parents are reading this and make the opportunity to get their children out into nature to see what life is really all about. It sure beats watching the boob tube, tablet, computer, phone etc., etc., etc….. 🙂

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