You Have to Watch These! (Superior-related Canoeing Videos)

With the canoe season winding down (unless you’re an avid shoulder season camper or you have the tent and gear to winter camp) then you’ll probably be spending a lot of your time daydreaming about the next time you can get out. If you’re anything like me, you’ll spend the next few months searching YouTube for canoe tripping videos. 

I have 3 videos to share that I hope will cure your camping blues during the winter.

1. One Man One Canoe Two Countries: A Filmmaker’s Quest

Filmmaker David Doering’s quest to find his voice as a filmmaker takes him on a solo journey through the Quetico Provincial Park on the United States-Canadian border. His voyage not only reveals the beauty around him, but also a greater awareness of the interconnectivity between the natural and spiritual worlds.

2. Rediscover North America

What’s wrong with an adventure for the sake of adventure?

In March of 2014, six friends decided to attempt a canoe expedition from the Gulf of Mexico to the Arctic Ocean. Nine months later, they set out to do just that. They battled against the current on the Mighty Mississippi, weathered a winter of snow and ice, traversed massive lakes, dodged constantly shifting forest fires, and shot challenging whitewater. It took eight long months to complete the journey.

3. Encounters with Minnesota Artists | Sigurd F. Olson

Portrait of the 1970s culture and art scene, featuring Sigurd F. Olson, the great Minnesota environmentalist and nature writer.

“My wilderness world has to do with the calling of loons, northern lights, and the great silences of the land laying northwest of Lake Superior.” Gasp! Sigurd’s writing just fills my heart with wonder and love!


In the video above, Sigurd takes you for a tour around Listening Point, his piece of paradise in the Quetico-Superior, northern western Lake Superior. Sigurd spent a lot of time paddling the Quetico-Superior waters. Sigurd is the reason why we named our Bell Northwind canoe Singing Wilderness. If you haven’t read any of this books, I highly suggest you add him to your library!


The video was made in 1980 but in my opinion it’s a video everyone needs to watch. Sigurd was a canoeing icon.

I hope you enjoy my recommendations and leave me a comment if you get a chance to watch any of them! I’d especially love to know if you have seen the film with Sigurd, and what books of his are in your library 🙂

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