Chasing a Super Moon

Well, my initial plan to photograph the Super Moon didn’t exactly work out as planned. I’m beginning to learn that as a photographer things don’t always work out as planned. As one of my professor’s would say “Plan your work, work your plan.”

In this case I did plan my work and tried to work my plan and it didn’t pan out as I expected. I figured a great place to photograph the Super Moon would be from a high vantage point. So, I drove out to one of my favourite places, Huckleberry Rock. My plan was to do a few tea cup shots with the sunset (I’m working on a project where I have to photograph my tea cup in 36 different compositions), and wait for the Super Moon to rise over the horizon. I literally ran the trail trying to catch up with the setting sun. By the time I reached my rock it was almost set below the horizon. Out of all my shots, this is my favourite and it doesn’t even have my tea cup in it!


My tea cup sunset shots didn’t exactly turn out as I had envisioned. I’ll have to try again.

Here I am waiting patiently for the Super Moon to rise over the horizon…

iPhone, don’t even try to be like a real camera! Your ISO capabilities SUCK.
A reflection of what’s behind me

I waited and I waited. I even Instagrammed, Facebooked and Tweeted waiting for the moon to rise. But it got dark. Just as I had run the trail in, I ran the trail out. My eyes fixated on trying to find the next blaze to find my way back to the Sube.

Look familiar? It’s the tree from my Perfect Tree photography project!

I got in the car and drove home. I couldn’t see the moon anywhere! Finally, as I rounded a corner and declined down a hill there it was! These photos aren’t what I expected but I think they turned out pretty cool. The moon looks the biggest as it’s rising over the horizon. I missed my opportunity! I should have found a low lying field with a low horizon to photograph the moon instead of a higher elevation. It’s all about learning!

Hello Super Moon
Hello Super Moon


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