Torrance Barrens Trail and Night Sky Reserve

It was a cold and blustery day on Sunday so it was not a great day to explore the Torrance Barrens Trails and Night Sky Reserve. But, the clock is ticking and so is the due date for my tea cup photography project. So, B, Banjo and I decided to go for a rip.

Banjo had a good rip!
Banjo had a good rip!


Using my tea cup as an excuse to explore the trails was a great idea, but it was just too windy to continue on without being properly dressed for the weather. I was in denial about the cold temperature so I didn’t even bring gloves!

As a board member and acting chair of the Muskoka Trails Council, I’ve been trying to get around to as many hiking trails as possible. Another great excuse to visit the barrens.


Wind howled and flurries blew right through to our bones. It was cold!
Wind howled and flurries blew right through to our bones. It was cold!

I did get a few great shots to use for my project and along the way I snapped a few others for my blog. The barrens are so cool!


The landscape is just so neat! I’m excited to explore this area more through trails, but also for night photography. I feel so incredibly lucky to live in Muskoka and have access to so many amazing places. The adventure and exploring opportunities seem endless!



The barrens are 4,700 acres of crown land and consist of bedrock and wetlands, with trees and bushes that are stunted in height. I’ll bet my next visit will be with my snowshoes!

Winter is happening here in Muskoka
Oak leaves frozen under ice
Time for a hot drink! Oliver's here we come!
Time for a hot drink! Oliver’s here we come!

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