Invisible Self Portrait (a photography project)

_dsc6899I had to do an Invisible Self Portrait project for my Camera Techniques class. I struggled with this project because I had to make 5 images and come up with 5 different concepts that would be a representation of me. I didn’t get 100% like the Perfect Tree photography project, but I did get an A which I can’t complain about.

So, I’d like to share my images with you.

In this image I decided to use perspective to make the tree I’m hugging look enormous compared to the rest of the forest around. I am hugging the tree because they make my heart ache. Trees have brought tears to my eyes. They’re strong, can be so old that it blows the mind, they give off oxygen and represent all of nature. They are the giants of the forest and I can’t even imagine what they’ve seen in their lifetime. Not only does this invisible self portrait show that I love trees, but it also shows that I am a tree hugger which is associated with being an environmentalist. Treading lightly on the Earth is something that I try to live by. I love the idea of Mother Earth and the beauty she brings to our lives, but I am saddened by the way we treat her.

Invisible Self Portrait - the tree hugger
Invisible Self Portrait – the tree hugger

In this image I decided to show only my feet wearing colourful socks. Not only do I love colour in my life, but I also love spending time outside with my family. The image is framed by the door of my tent because I have spent many memorable nights in this tent in amazing places. I love the idea that when I open the tent door in the morning, I am looking at nature that inspires and instils passion in me. Having this tent in my life makes me incredibly happy and adventuring in it with my husband and dog make it all that more meaningful. I used a shallow depth of field to have my feet in focus in hopes to draw the viewer’s eye there first, and then to my husband and dog around the campfire.

Invisible Self Portrait - the camper
Invisible Self Portrait – the camper

In this image I am portaging my canoe. This canoe has taken me to some of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen. For me, my canoe represents adventure, being one with nature on the water, and a vessel that takes me far into the wilderness. It also represents an experience. Paddling quietly around a river bend to find a moose munching on aquatic arrowheads, or paddling in the middle of the lake and scanning land on either side to see the super canopy of old growth trees, or Canadian Shield is the reason why I canoe. This canoe takes me to places that I hold so dear in my heart and love with all the emotional space in my heart. I carry this canoe to take me away from the mundane everyday life, and into a world of endless curiosity and exploration. I wanted to capture the motion of portaging this canoe, so I am blurred.

Invisible Self Portrait - the canoeist
Invisible Self Portrait – the canoeist

In this image I am holding a Levon Helm record over my face. Behind that record is a person whose life has been changed and greatly inspired by Levon Helm. In my early twenties I discovered The Band and drove down to Levon’s house in Woodstock, New York to volunteer at his Midnight Rambles. The series of events that happened after were some of the most incredible of my life. Levon influenced my musical taste and knowledge by growing up in blues, country, and soul territory, deep in the south. I can remember the first time I drove down to his house by myself and the fear and terror I felt, but at the same time adrenaline and a sense of independence. He gave me a set of his drumsticks and let me hang around the studio during my visits. My love for The Band and Levon Helm has always been about the drums and in this image it’s almost 3D-like with a worn-in, beaten drumstick.

Invisible Self Portrait - the music lover
Invisible Self Portrait – the music lover

In this image I am reflecting on my experience of living in the Yukon. My life north of sixty is very much a part of me now. I struggled in the Yukon. I had a love/hate relationship with it. At times my experience was great, other times it was awful. When I think about my life in the north I have equal memories of negative and positive thoughts. I lived in a very closed community and it was very difficult to make a lot of friends, and it was hard to see people in dire straits. In the photograph that I am holding, it is on the border of Alaska and the Yukon. My husband and I were coming back from a long weekend away in Skagway after 8 months of deep winter blues. It represents a happy experience in the north and I have carried this photograph around with me since I moved back to Ontario.

Invisible Self Portrait - the reminiscer
Invisible Self Portrait – the reminiscer

Thank you so much for visiting my blog! I appreciate your visits and interest 🙂

If you had to make an invisible self portrait, what would it look like? Leave me a comment!


  1. Lovely blog post Coby! Looks like you are really embracing school and clearly developing your natural talent! So nice to see you looking so happy and free outside!

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