Being Dragged Away from My Screen (to go outside)

One of the main reasons why I decided to go back to school was because I was tired of sitting at a desk for 37.5 hours/week and staring at a computer screen. I knew for sure that photography would get me outside and away from the desk. Of course, all photographers know that an equal amount of time (or more, depending on how efficient you are) is spent editing photographs on a monitor, so I haven’t completely given up the screen.

I have been spending many hours with that glow from the artificial light burning into my eyes since starting my second semester. I am so busy that I can’t really find the time to go outside right now. I had piles of homework to do on Sunday, but was dragged away from the screen by my husband. He wanted to check out a piece of crown land that he’s had his eye on since moving to Muskoka.

Wait 2 screens, I didn’t say anything about having 2 screens! See what I have to deal with?!

I find it interesting that we can look at photographs or watch videos of people enjoying the outdoors, camping, hiking, canoeing, etc, and feel like we’re outside without actually being outside. But something happens to us when we’re actually outside. My eyes stop burning from the glow, the never-ending overwhelming list of things to search the internet go away, distractions go away, and a clearness of the mind happens. I begin looking around me and at what I could photograph. I start tuning into the sound of birds instead of the taping of my keyboard, click of the mouse or of external hard drive fans. I much prefer the sound of birds, wind howling through the trees, cracking of ice on frozen lakes and ponds, the sound of snowshoes or skis across the snow, or the hammering of woodpeckers off in the distance.

I needed to be dragged away! The air was fresh, the sun was shining and the sky was as blue as a bluebird.




The spot we were snowshoeing was really beautiful. There was an abundance of maple trees and I can’t imagine what this place in the forest would look like in the fall.



We followed the path of someone else, bits of flagging tape hanging from the trees and the river.




It has been weeks since I had been out for a proper dose of Vitamin N. The brightness of the sun didn’t effect my eyes like the brightness from a screen. In fact, not only was the sun bright but it was also warm. One of my favourite things about this time of year is the low winter sun and the warmth it has.


I got dragged outside. I needed to be be dragged away from my screens!


We stopped to have a bush coffee and enjoyed the view of a pond. I still couldn’t help but wonder how beautiful this place would be in the spring, summer or fall.





One of the highlights for me of being dragged outside on this particular day and to this particular place was finding this beech tree. Do you see how big it is?

Look how big that beech tree is in the background!

I love discovering the wonders of a forest, even if it’s just a really big beech tree.

Thanks for reading! Do you have any tips on how to pry yourself away from the screen?


  1. I love this! I’m in the same boat as you – working at a computer lots and lots. My secret to getting outside is always my dog! When he mopes about and sits by the door, I start to feel guilty. As soon as I get out there, I realize that I need to be outside as much as he does – rain or shine.

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