How We Plan Canoe Trips (2017 Map and Flap)

This year was the 2nd Annual Map and Flap at The Camp. What is the Map and Flap? Well, it’s a weekend where friends get together and plan canoe trips for the season and spend a good amount of time next to the wood stove and outside. For those who live in Ontario, you know that Family Day long weekend’s weather was glorious!

The Camp. My husband and I lived here during our first year of marriage before we moved to the Yukon.
The Camp my husband built with his dad. We used to live here during our first year of marriage before we moved to the Yukon.

B, Banjo and I went up after I finished school on Friday to get the place ready for 6 of our friends. I had no idea that the next day would be full sun and that all I could hear was melting snow.

Everything is right in my world, here. Craft cider and warmth from the wood stove.
Everything is right in my world, here. Craft cider and warmth from the wood stove.


B making us breakfast.
It’s 12 o’clock somewhere.
The elusive photographer.
The big melt.

On Saturday we cleaned up and waited outside for friends to arrive later in the day. Everyone settled in and before we knew it, it was night time already!

Well hello there, planet. Maybe Jupiter or Mars?

On Sunday we explored around the farm. B lead an interpretive snowshoe to show some great natural features of the farm. Here is the natural spring we dug out for water that we pumped into 2 large holding tanks at The Camp so we had running water. We had to do this during summer and winter.

Where we used to fetch our water from, so we had running water at The Camp.
Where we used to fetch our water from, so we had running water at The Camp.


B showing the group one of the spring fed trout ponds. They aren’t stocked anymore, but it’s a great place for the dogs to jump in! The water is crystal clear and there’s always wild mint growing around it.

B took us through the ‘North Woods’ and then around some of the pipeline used for collecting sap.




E and M!

We stopped on another pond on the farm to have a cookout. It’s all fun and games until someone looses a wiener (vegetarian, wiener).

I love cookouts!



Wearing t-shirts in February?! Yep.
Banjo basking in the warmth of the sun.

My dad came for a visit so we headed back up to The Camp and had a fire outside. To be outside in the sun all day was amazing. I hadn’t seen the sun for weeks! I love winter sun, it’s one of my favourite things about winter. February’s sun becomes stronger and higher in the sky, and I notice it’s longer presence minute by minute.

My dad  and Mr. Waboose Adventures.
This day. ❤


Mrs and Mr. Waboose Adventures
Mrs. and Mr. Waboose Adventures

A couple more friends showed up on Sunday and we had an awesome feast of chickpea curry, asian slaw, red and white wine. We were all getting prepared for an evening of presenting our canoe routes.


The goods.
B, aka Trip is presenting his route to the group. Presentation accompanied with tequila shots and Pabst Blue Ribbon.
I and J presenting their route with subtle bribing with prizes!
I and J presenting their route with subtle bribing using prizes! The ante is upped each year.

After a few hours inside being entertained, we went back outside to the fire. What a night!



Our friend Nick wasn’t able to join us this year because he’s traveling in southeast Asia for 3 months. So, to include him in our weekend we did a little thing called ‘painting with light’.

Hi Nick!
Hi Nick!

What a fun night! We did some other painting with light photographs, but I’m afraid they’re not rated PG for this blog.

Our last day was Monday and E and C made us an amazing breakfast of almond flour/tapioca/coconut milk crepes with fried mushrooms, baked tomato slices, poached eggs and avocado!

The best breakfast I've ever had.
The best breakfast I’ve ever had.

And then it was time for everyone to leave. 😦

That’s a wrap. The 2017 Map and Flap group!
Banjo and Umi

So, that’s how we plan canoe trips! I know I didn’t really get into the details, but there aren’t any really. We all bring routes to propose and when everyone figures out their vacation schedules for the summer, we pick the most popular route. Last year mine won, it was an 8-day trip in Temagami on the Wolf-Chiniguchi route (The Regulators Paddle Temagami trip report here). And before that, it was an 8-day loop in Algonquin through Big Trout (Algonquin Thunderbox Tour trip report here). Some trip proposals are 3-4 days, others are longer.

Thanks for reading and spending the weekend with us through this blog post 🙂 How do you and your friends or family plan canoe trips? Spring is just around the corner and I know most of you are already in the thought process!


  1. So, what did you pick for this year? I’m really curious! We don’t get to Canada much, but this year we ordered our free national parks pass and will be road tripping up to Cape Breton. We have a guided sea kayak scheduled on the Bay of Fundy, but that’s just for an afternoon. Your big trips sound like so much fun!


    • Hi Tara! Thank you for commenting 🙂 My husband and I are doing a 300+km, 16-day canoe trip in Quetico Provincial Park (borders Minnesota).

      There were a few smaller trip ideas on crown land and one in Killarney Provincial Park.

      Will you be driving through Ontario or Quebec? I might be able to recommend a couple of places for you to check out.


      • Yes, it’s going to be amazing! We’re going to do the Hunter’s Island Loop. Longest trip I’ve been on is 8 or 9 days, so I’m looking forward to spending more time outside.

        Will be doing some video for this trip, since I am taking a multimedia course at school.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. This sounds like an awesome weekend! I think I need to do a long canoe trip this summer, it sounds like so much fun!


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