My Most Memorable Birthday, Ever

It was my 30th birthday and I knew I had to think of something to make it memorable. The sun hadn’t yet come up when I thought of an idea. I wanted to see a caribou on my 30th birthday! So, I nudged my husband who was still sleeping and told him what I wanted to do.

We got up and made a couple of coffee’s for the road and drove out of town. There would be a good chance of seeing one because they wintered in the area. When we drove through town, the sun created the most beautiful colours in the sky.


Since moving to the Yukon, caribou became incredibly special to me. I felt very lucky to have grown to know their species and see them from the roadside often. Unfortunately, the Alaska Highway is a busy road with 18-wheelers and no doubt this sign at the edge of town was a result of fatalities between caribou and transport. When I saw the sign, my heart broke.


Alaska Highway, Yukon

Not long after we passed this sign we saw our first caribou of the day. It was already so early and I had seen the very thing that was going to make my 30th birthday the most memorable, ever.



We drove back to our place to have breakfast and get ready for an outdoor excursion. My husband had planned a day of surprises and the first was ice fishing on Lucky Lake.






I had one bite, but that was it. It was just so amazing to be outside on such a glorious day on March 2nd.

Another surprise I had was our friend Jamie drove over from Whitehorse (5-hour drive) to spend the weekend with us. We are old high school friends from east of Peterborough, Ontario, so it was always wonderful to see a familiar face when living so far away from family and friends.

B borrowed an ice auger from a friend in town and we went to a different lake to try fishing. When B drilled through almost 3 feet of ice, he hit mud. No fish here!



We went back to our place to warm up and get ready for more birthday surprises. I received some lovely gifts from B, a friend in town and from family who mailed me packages. I was spoiled!


In true Yukon style, we ignited a few fireworks. Everything is celebrated with explosives and that’s where my firework obsession started!

We built a fire outside and let off my celebratory bangs.



And then we went back home and had a few drinks 🙂 Happy birthday to me!


Turning 30 wasn’t difficult for me. I felt a sudden change in myself. I was able to let some things go that I had been hanging onto and really develop my true self. I started nurturing a side of me that was creative, independent and confident. That’s when Waboose Adventures started.


  1. This sounds like the best birthday! I had to do a double take when I started reading your post because I don’t know anyone who lives far enough north to see Caribou, and I saw that you’re not too far from me! Well, compared to every other blogger I know 🙂 Next time I go to the Yukon we should meet up and hike!

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