2017 Outdoor Adventure Show (recap)

Organizers of the Toronto Outdoor Adventure Show put a call out for talented bloggers to help promote the show, so I sent an email and got a reply! I want to send out a HUGE thank you to Kayla Hlywka for giving me the amazing opportunity to promote the show, give away tickets and connect with some of the exhibitors.

The Outdoor Adventure Show (OAS) is Canada’s largest showcase of outdoor gear and adventure travel experiences! See it! Do it! Live it! They host a show in Toronto, Vancouver (Mar. 4-5), Calgary (Mar. 25-26), and Montréal (Apr. 1-2). So, if you live in either of those cities, I hope you get a chance to check out the show!

All the literature and resources I picked up from the show!

I was super excited to hear back from Panasonic about promoting their brand in all my OAS promotions and having the incredible opportunity to write gear reviews on my website (coming soon) for some of Panasonic‘s cameras, lenses and camcorders. Looking forward to using their equipment! Check out their website to see their awesome gear!



I was also excited to hear from KIHD Products. These guys were kind enough to send me two of their KIHD Stove Basic Plus models. I gave one away through a contest on my website and social media platforms, and the other I get to test out and write a gear review for on my website (coming soon). Thanks Keith and co.!  Check out their website to see their stoves.


The KIHD Products guys with Kevin Callan

I have some really exciting news to announce soon about a collaboration with Kevin Callan, The Happy Camper and Waboose Adventures.


It was great to spend time at the show. I love seeing the exhibitors and discovering new resources like Go Trekkers. They have a premier selection of digital maps and outdoor equipment. Topo’s and wall maps, geological survey Canada maps and more!


I LOVE maps!!!
I LOVE maps!!!

I was also excited to discover Soup Girl! Soup Girl makes simple and healthy soups that come in beautiful jars and/or lightweight, shipping-friendly pouches that are ideal for camping. Check out their website!



We stopped by the Ontario Parks booth to see if we could find more information on the Northwest Quest. If you explore Quetico, Wabakimi and Woodland Caribou Provincial Parks, and camp a minimum of 3 consecutive nights per park, you could win prizes (like a 17′ Souris River canoe, or custom XY Company Paddles)! The contest closes October 15, 2019.

My husband has a custom-made XY Company paddle that he had made for competing in the Algonquin Outfitters Muskoka River X canoe race. It was important to him that he paddle with one of theirs, so we’re both very familiar with Don and Spencer Meany, their paddles and craftsmanship. They’re based out of Atikokan, which is considered the Canoeing Capital of Canada.


This leads me into a great segue for experiencing Mike Ranta‘s talk at the Adventures in Paddling Stage. Mike Ranta is a “modern day voyageur” and professional solo canoeist who is also from Atikokan. I said experience his talk, because that’s exactly what I did.

I’ve seen quite a few adventure speakers, but Mike definitely ranks among the best. His passion for Canada, our culture, our kindness, our diversity, and our people was inspiring. It’s really refreshing to see an honest person who doesn’t take themselves too seriously. His passion and kindness is contagious. He’s a great storyteller, and I think the land and people of Canada have been founded on storytelling. If I typed ‘Canada’ into google images, I’m pretty sure his picture would come up. What a great role model for our country! And, I think Spitzi should be named “Canada’s Adventure Dog”. That dog has had more adventures than I could probably ever have in a lifetime.

Mike has completed 2 cross country solo canoe trips with is best friend, Spitzi, raising awareness first for Atikokan Youth in 2014 to “show the kids, no matter how crazy your dream is, always go for it,” and then in 2016 to raise awareness for our veterans and to let them know that they’re not forgotten.

He has another cross country solo canoe trip planned for 2017. He’s partnering with different organizations to bring awareness to Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and to celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday. He’s inviting everyone to come out and take part. When he and Spitzi paddle waterways; walk highways and portage around dams, he hopes to see some of you there to participate! Check out his website for more information.


Thanks for being so awesome and inspiring, Mike!

Here’s Randy at Algonquin Outfitters (AO) encouraging people to explore and discover Algonquin Park. Algonquin Outfitters, I think, has always been the stand-alone place for all things Algonquin. The staff are always super friendly, but most importantly, helpful. Thanks for helping people get out and connect with nature, AO!

If you’ve never been to the park, or want to do more hiking, or go on your first backcountry camping trip, then AO has you covered. Such an awesome resource for us!


Spot was there and answered a couple of questions we had about our device. With my husband, Banjo and I spending a lot of time out in the wilderness, having a Spot device not only gives us piece of mind if an emergency was to happen, but also for our family’s piece of mind. We can send them messages saying we’re okay with the exact coordinates of our location.

The device does many more things, but I think the most important is having the ability to ask for help if you’re in desperate need.


We also chatted with representatives at the Wilderness Canoe Association (WCA) booth. The WCA is a non-profit organization of individuals interested in outdoor pursuits and in wilderness travel, mainly by canoe and kayak. As a member, you can connect with other avid trippers to organize a trip, buy or sell gear and read their quarterly Nastawgan Journal.  The WCA is another great community for wilderness paddlers alike.


We stopped by Hap and Andrea Wilson’s Cabin Falls EcoLodge booth to say “Hi,” and later attended Hap’s talk about a new canoe route guide book he’s written on a historical route from Thunder Bay to Whiteshell Provincial Park in Manitoba. Hap and his family spent a lot of time rediscovering this route, asking permission from First Nations communities if he can publish the route going through their land in his book, and clearing portage trails. Looks like a lot of gruelling work, but now he’s given paddlers an opportunity to explore a new paddling route in Ontario.

You can visit his website to order the book when it’s released, purchase other guide books of his, or find information on Hap’s Cabin Falls Ecolodge in Temagami.


I just want to thank the organizers of the Toronto Outdoor Adventure Show again for giving me the opportunity to connect with exhibitors, promote the show, and do a write-up about my experience there. I’m super grateful. Hopefully I can bring awareness to some of the great resources, gear and people doing awesome stuff through my efforts.

Happy ‘venturing!


  1. The show made for a good weekend. We went on Friday due to work commitments on Sat. and Sun.(Stupid work – trying not to complain – happy thoughts!).
    Tons to see, speakers to watch and people to chat with. Not enough hours. lol Thanks for taking the time for the exceptional write-up and posting to share with others. Have a great weekend!

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