Where to Take Orphaned or Injured Wildlife [video]

There’s this amazing place in Ontario called Aspen Valley Wildlife Sanctuary that rehabilitates injured wildlife and cares for permanent resident animals (those that are unable to be released into the wild for various reasons).

Western coyote (permanent resident).

Aspen Valley Wildlife Sanctuary is located in Muskoka, Ontario, and they have the space to care for large animals such as moose, deer, bear and wolves, as well as aquatic animals such as beavers and otters. They also take in countless numbers of raccoons, squirrels and other small mammals and birds. The sanctuary’s values are based on the animals’ best interests, and through their commitment to providing aid with integrity, excellence, dedication, commitment, individualized care, respect and education.

Rescue. Rehabilitate. Release

As part of a school video project, I contacted the sanctuary to ask if I could make a film about the organization. They agreed! Although I would have loved to see all the animals in rehabilitation, the sanctuary does an amazing job at promoting the limited amount of human contact with the animals so that they can be released back into the wild.

I hope you like the video and check out this amazing organization! There are many ways to help/volunteer.

Lynx (permanent resident).
Eastern coyote (permanent resident).

When I was filming for the project, this eastern coyote decided to start yipping, and then the western coyote joined in!

Arctic fox (permanent resident).

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