Screaming Heads, Lady Slippers and Craft Beer (what a weekend!)

While everyone was packing up their camping gear, strapping their canoe to the roof of their vehicle, and heading out for their first canoe trip to start the summer season, I didn’t do any of those things.

Okay, that’s not true. We strapped Singing Wilderness to the roof of Bo Bo Ska Diddle to paddle around in the Muskoka River and practiced a few paddling strokes, but that was about it. I had to work most of the weekend, so a canoe trip was out of the question.

Waiting for adventure

Instead, we went to the Muskoka 2/4 Craft Beer Festival in Hunstville. I had a couple cider samples and B tried a few other craft beers from Ontario. I think we are so lucky to live in a place where craft breweries are popping up all over the place. Even though I don’t drink beer, I think it’s awesome for those who do!

We spent time at the festival and at the docks where we watched passer-by’s on their boats. While actually swimming during this particular weekend is tradition, I could only muster up the courage to dip my feet in the water.

We also spent some time at the river with Banjo.

I think Banjo had fun!

After the festival and being outside all day, we came home and watched Bill Mason’s Waterwalker, another May 2-4 tradition.

I had to work Sunday, but on Monday our friend Nick joined us and we went for a drive up to Burk’s Falls to check out the Screaming Heads sculptures. It was an awesome day to visit, because the clouds were so ominous!

At Screaming Heads in Burk’s Falls.

Such a cool place! I’ve never been, but the property hosts the Harvest Festival in September. Kind of reminds me of the Burning Man festival.  The artist, Peter Camani has created these huge sculptures of screaming heads over acres of his land. It’s quite a sight to behold. Camani is a retired high school art teacher who lives on the property, and there is a Community Shared Agriculture (CSA) program happening there too.

Our friend Nick left, and then my friend Melissa came to visit for a few days! It’s always nice to have visitors. We did some wine sampling at Muskoka Lakes Winery. We also saw 2 eastern hog-nosed snakes which are a species at risk!

Eastern hog-nosed snake.

We also tried to watch the sunset at Huckleberry Rock, but the black flies were just too bad. So, we watched some of it and found many awesome things along the way!

The setting sun over Muskoka Lake from Huckleberry Rock.
Lots of blueberry bushes blooming!
A patch of lady slipper wildflowers!

Another great adventure here in Muskoka and the surrounding area!

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  1. Great report to what seems like a super long weekend adventure. The Screaming Heads spot in Burk’s Fall looks like would be a great trip. Looks like your husband was enjoying himself at the craft beer festival! I know I would too. Thanks for sharing. Your pictures of the weekend were great again, especially the one’s taken of viewing the sunset!


  2. That sounds like an awesome weekends! I love craft been festivals too except that I found out I am allergic to Barley 😦 My husband now gets all the fun when we go unless they have ciders too lol


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