Canada Day Canoe Trip in Wild Muskoka [video]

There’s nothing I’d rather do to celebrate Canada’s birthday than spend it in the wilderness with my canoe, Singing Wilderness. I wasn’t super excited to celebrate the whole Canada 150 concept because this beautiful land we live on has a much longer and richer history than a meer 150 years. So like every year when Canada Day rolls around, we celebrate with adventures that allow us to enjoy Canada and her land by going on a canoe trip.

Singing Wilderness

My canoe has gotten me into some of the most beautiful landscapes. Landscapes so beautiful they would break your heart. It’s important for me to keep exploring and falling in love with this place I call home with each paddle stroke and portage. This year I celebrate Canada and all her natural beauty with respect and gratitude.  You don’t have to go far to see how incredibly beautiful she is. These images were taken in my backyard, Wild Muskoka.

On July 1st, we packed up our Sube, Bo Bo Ska Diddle, and headed for the backcountry of Wild Muskoka. We had a nice tail wind as we paddled across the first lake and by cottages with people decked out in red and white. We knew in only a few short hours we would be able to hear the bang and pop of fireworks going off in the distance. I feel a sense of relief when I can get even one portage away from civilization. We paddled down a river for a few kilometres until we reached our first campsite. What a view. Unfortunately, the deer flies and mosquitoes were terrible. Glad we have our bug jackets and Eureka mesh room for shelter.

View from our 1st campsite

Once the tents were set up and we settled in, it was finally time to have our campfire. The quintessential campfire is my favourite part of the day. It’s a time to reflect on the day’s happenings and reminisce about stories of adventures passed. One of my favourite quotes is by Sigurd F. Olson (author of Singing Wilderness).

My whole life has been a series of campfires, each one rekindles or brings back some experience of the past.

Just one of my series of campfires

Up early the next morning, we had some more river paddling to do around a few beaver dams. Some of the portages were rugged, but doable. I want to give a shout out to Iron Lung and Braveheart who we met at one of the portages. They didn’t end up paddling as far down as we did, but I commend their sense of adventure for a couple of older dudes just looking for some good ol’ fishin’ holes.

Once we got to our second campsite, we each took turns napping in the hammock.

View from my hammock

After dinner a crazy storm rolled by. We tried seeking refuge under the shelter but the wind blew the rain in sideways getting us and everything soaked.

“See the sky about to rain.” Neil Young

But as quickly as it rolled in, it rolled back out and the clouds broke into blue sky! We took the opportunity to go fishing and paddle around the lake.

After the sun fell and we ran out of wood supply to fuel our fire, we called it a night. What an awesome day!

We had a couple of portages and lakes to paddle through to get back to Bo Bo Ska Diddle on our last day. When we arrived at home, we had to hang all our gear out to dry so we could go out again in 3 days.

Thanks for reading! Here’s a video of our weekend canoe trip to celebrate Canada’s birthday.

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      • Thanks so much for that. I’m just starting out and republishing a few camping /canoeing related stories from my cycling blog for now, but hope to have some new interesting stuff to share soon.

        I’d also just like to say that your photos are truly inspiring and I always look forward to your next story. I’ve been reading along for just over a year now. Your blog rocks!


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