Even My Dog Gets Bored With Me

This morning I decided to kill two birds with one stone (not literally); make some photographs/do homework and take Banjo for a “W”, okay she’s not around so I can say the word, “Walk.”

I figured this would be fun for her. She would be going for a walk, spending a couple of hours outside, and hanging out with me. WRONG. She got bored. It wasn’t the lay down right beside me while I’m getting the composition just right in my camera kind of bored, but the distracted, pulling and dirty looks kind of bored. In fact, it seemed like she wasn’t even enjoying herself most of the time. I saw her yawn several times, heard her sigh and moan with frustration, and even caught her checking out some other dog being walked on the trail like she was jealous or something. Our usual route is about 45 minutes, but today it took us 2 hours.


Any photographer knows that if you go out with non-photographers, they can become miserable. Well maybe not miserable, but they definitely get bored. My husband gets bored with me all the time. I’m always straggling behind him and Banjo because I’m caught up taking photographs and I get this look from the both of them ahead of me on the trail like “hurry up, already!” I can tell when my husband’s patience is running thin. Don’t get me wrong, he’s incredibly supportive of me and my creativity but sometimes he just wants to go for a hike with continued motion, not stop and go, stop and go.

So today I learned that even my dog gets bored with me. Will I take her out again with me when I’m shooting? Probably. But I’ll have to not take her dirty looks so seriously, and when I’m done I’ll have to take her for a good rip.

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  1. Super pics of the river through Bracebridge. Lynn and I were there in early spring when the water levels were crazy high and flowing beyond description. Our dog(Katie) is older and her routine is to keep turning around and head back to the car or campsite. I think I might be much like your husband…..”come on and hurry up..! lol. Great job on the pictures!


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