The Bearded Woodsman

I was so excited when my first assignment for Creative Lighting was a nature portrait. I knew my husband and dog would be excellent subjects!

I had an idea of portraying a bearded woodsman in a forest, but when I found this location I loved the texture and colour of the rocks. It had rained all day and the clouds broke just long enough for this photo shoot. I loved using a Profoto B1 speed light and umbrella to help balance the ambient light.

The final image I submitted for the assignment.

A gallery of images from the photo shoot.

If you like these images and are interested in having your own nature portrait taken, I’d love for you to consider me as the photographer. Please get in touch. 🙂

Disclaimer: Unless otherwise stated, all visual and written content on this website is owned by me under legal copyright and may not be reproduced without my explicit written consent.

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