The Year We Lived in a Cabin – Part Two

Before we moved into the T.S. there were a few things that needed to be done. There was no electricity in the camp so we decided to put it in. We would need a fridge and I also have this beautiful vinyl cabinet and over 400 LPs so I needed some power to be able to listen to tunes.

We bought 300 meters of heavy duty electrical cord that would give us 30 amp service from a nearby building. Nearby as in a field over.

Pretty much the distance we had to run the electrical cord to get power at the T.S.
300 meters of heavy duty electrical cord should do the trick.

We (mostly my husband) spent the day digging and burying sections of the cord along high traffic areas (where the tractor drives to the back woods to collect sap, also the route up to the T.S.). All other parts of the field we left it on top because we knew the grass/wheat/clover would bury it up eventually. Also, where we did bury the cord we put up flags so everyone knew where to drive.

Oh yeah, where high traffic areas were we put the wire in this plastic tube.

I’ve always been good at supervising.
Covering up the evidence.

Once all the sections of the electrical cord were buried, we had my father-in-law hook it up to the power supply…

… and then we had power!

I don’t take having electricity for granted anymore!

Now we could put a fridge inside and have the basic luxury of power supply.

We did a bit of decorating before we moved into the upstairs which is where our bedroom would be. The walls only had vapour barrier so I wanted to spruce them up a bit. I bought some tapestries when I lived in the U.K. and knew putting them up would be the perfect way to decorate!

We made a couple of adjustments to our washroom by putting it in a location that is closer to the T.S. and added a step for comfort’s sake.

Moved the bathroom from here…
… to here.

For our water supply, we would have to fill a huge barrel and gravity feed it to the sink inside the T.S. through a hole in the wall. We had to reconnect the hose so it was ready when we moved in.

Gravity-fed water.

Gravity-fed water running into the T.S. to the sink.

For drinking water, we had to refill water jugs. I can tell you that I don’t take drinkable running water for granted anymore either! Electricity and water, I appreciate so much.

Now all we had to do was just move in!

To be continued.

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