The Year We Lived in a Cabin – Part Three

Easter weekend 2011 we finally moved in! I had mentioned in my first post about vacuuming flies, wasps and ladybugs from the windowsills. I’d empty the vacuum outside so the bugs would survive, but I know that probably didn’t help matters inside the T.S.

… after!

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We had to get the water barrel filled up so that we could use grey water for washing, etc. My husband’s family have these huge hoses that they use to collect sap, so we ran the hose from one of the nearby spring-fed ponds up to the T.S. where the barrel was.

Running the hose to a nearby spring-fed pond to collect water.
The spring-fed pond.
Running the hose back up to the water barrel.
Now pumping fresh spring water!

It was a lot of work but the barrel is large enough to last for quite a while. We only had to do this a few times because we conserved our water as much as possible. I don’t take water for granted!

Gravity-fed water from the barrel coming into the T.S. Now our water situation was taken care of!

Things were really starting to come together at the T.S. I was so excited to put in a garden and my brother came by to help us put together some raised beds.

Here he is taking a break.

We put a large square food-safe container near the garden to collect rainwater for watering my plants.

Over the summer, my garden flourished and I loved going out every day to pick fresh greens and veggies to eat. I haven’t had a garden since and I’m just dying to have one!

I’d see lots of wildlife around. Usually turkey’s every day. I was startled one night by a coyote on my way to the loo, and we had a lot of birds. Especially starlings that were trying to nest in the soffits. They made some terrible noise. Not only the birds, but squirrels and mice were all in the soffits. We just had to live with it.


To prepare for winter, we ordered a load of logs that we needed to saw up over the summer. It was a project we’d work away on. In order for the truck to make it up to the T.S., my father-in-law had to take down a rock wall from the field. I thought it was amazing at the time. It only took him an hour or so to move all the rocks so we had a complete road to the T.S., meanwhile it probably took years for the property owners to remove all those rocks by hand when they made the land into farm fields many years ago.

Now that was done, our logs could be delivered. It didn’t take my husband long to get the chainsaw out to cut the logs into smaller pieces. He loves cutting wood!

Still hard at it during the summer to cut the logs up.

We borrowed my father-in-law’s wood splitter and spent our free time in the summer splitting wood and stacking it.

Ta da! More than enough wood to last us all winter! One helluva wood pile!

It was really fun living here in the summer. We both worked in Peterborough, so would drive in together every day and then come back to the T.S. where life was really simple. There was always something to do.

We were also preoccupied with planning our wedding. We got married in August 2011 so with cutting, splitting and stacking wood, tending to the garden, constantly vacuuming up bugs and always adjusting to life at the T.S., any extra time we had was planning our big day.

Our wedding day. Seeing my husband for the first time while we had our wedding portraits taken.

My husband’s outfit was inspired by Elliott Landy’s photograph of The Band. Garth Hudson is wearing the same tie.

© Elliott Landy

We had portraits done at the T.S. to start with and then went to a few other locations before the ceremony.

These were taken at the local trading post.

And our ceremony took place at my parent’s house just down the road under a white pine tree on their property. It was big enough for everyone to sit under.

We had a quilt-wrapping ceremony and my sister-in-law contacted all of our guests and asked them to donate an old pair of jeans (we had no idea about this, just that she was making a quilt for our ceremony). She then sewed this amazing quilt for our ceremony. We were married, wrapped in the love and support of our family and friends.

Once all that lovey dovey stuff was out of the way, it was time to get the party started. The theme of our wedding was Mexico.

Grabbing the necessities.

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We had an amazing potluck dinner and rounded the night off with a Rolling Stones tribute band. I demanded that they play ‘Can’t You Hear Me Knocking’ three times. You know how long that song is, right? What a time!

After our wedding, we took off to backpack through Europe for a 4 week honeymoon. We spent a week in the U.K. catching up with some old friends of mine in London, and worked on an organic farm in the countryside.

My absolute favourite club night in London when I lived there. All southern rock!
Me and Beardy Rob. DJ for Southbound.
Organic farm we volunteered on.
Caravan we stayed in while volunteering on the organic farm.
Organic farm we volunteered on.

We spent some time in France in Normandy touring the D-day beaches and headed down to Nice.

Nice, France.

We spent some time in the Alps.

Hello, Austria!

Had a blast in Heidelberg, Germany! There was an awesome festival happening (it wasn’t Oktoberfest) that we had no idea about before we arrived.

Did a bit of touring around the town and then stumbled upon an ACDC tribute band playing out of the window of an apartment because they had been outlawed from playing in the street! It was AMAZING.

Our final stop was Holland to visit family and finally have my photo taken at the same place my dad has his taken when he was a teenager, at a town sign with my maiden last name. Only in Holland.

Had a blast in Amsterdam.

When we returned from our extravagant honeymoon, we knew we had a bit of work to do at the T.S. to get it ready for winter.

To be continued.


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