Why I Need to Make Time for Nature – For My Daughter’s Sake (Havin’ a Cookout!)


Been a long time – just over a year – since I’ve posted here. All is well!

My husband and I have a new babe named Severn and she’s pretty amazing. I felt inspired by our little outing on Saturday to write a blog post 🙂

Now that we’re new parents, life is busier than ever! The last time I wrote it was about needing to let go of this blog because my priorities have changed – and have they ever.

Our little babe is already 7.5 months old and I can’t even believe how fast that time has flown by.

In that time I can probably count the number of times we’ve ventured out in nature. We always say that it needs to be a priority, but then the weekend rolls around and we’re visiting family, heading down to Barrie to pick up supplies, or doing stuff around the apartment – like baby-proofing!

In addition to being busy with life, I’ve also started a new business which has me more busy than I’ve ever been in.my.life.

So we decided that enough is enough and we’ve got to try to get out at least twice a month into nature. I need it so bad. I miss it so bad. And more importantly – Severn needs to be exposed to nature.

My husband and I both feel that it’s one of the biggest things we can do for her, is to bring her up in the out-of-doors as much as possible. I’m not even going to go into the benefits of why because I feel that my readers know exactly where I’m coming from – and can speak with experience!

So, on Saturday we (actually my husband) packed up all of the gear we would need to have a cookout – one of my most favourite things to do ever – here in Muskoka.

I was spoiled this past Christmas with a pair of Altai Hok skis. My husband has a pair too, so we’ve hung up our snowshoes in exchange for a different kind of pace and motion outside. The skis are quite a bit wider than backcountry skis and have a patch of skin on the bottom to help with going up hill. They.are.awesome.

iPhone image.

We skied over a large beaver pond or small lake to some land where we crossed over into another large pond/little lake.

iPhone image.

Once we found the perfect spot, we had our cookout!

iPhone image.
iPhone image. Me with my skis.
iPHone image.
iPhone image. Severn just chillin’ while Mama Bear and Pops get things ready for our cookout.
iPhone image. Banjo in her element.
iPhone image. Me and Sev.
iPhone image. Family photo minus Banjo.
iPhone image. Cookin’ out!
iPhone image. Veggie dogs!
iPhone image.
iPhone image.

I’ve realized that life doesn’t stop when you have a baby and it’s more important now – more than ever – to keep doing the things that my husband and I love doing with a hope that Severn will enjoy them too.

We spent 4 hours outside and she didn’t say a peep.

I need the nature. I want to show Severn nature. I was showing her different species of trees and I could see her little curious mind absorbing what I was saying – or what she understood of it.

I think that watching her experience nature is going to bring me a whole level of excitement and joy. Watching her learn and grow with innocence and curiosity.



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