Winter Cookout with Toddler (skiing)

Our first cookout of 2020!

This family loves their cookouts. We drove west of Gravenhurst to a spot where we knew of some ski trails.

We strapped on our Altai Hoks and headed off for an afternoon adventure!

Daddy Bear and Sevie Bear

After skiing for about a kilometre on trail, we bushwhacked down to the lake to find a nice spot to have our cookout.

Ski travel on lakes is easier, but not as fun as skiing through the forest.

We followed the shoreline for quite awhile.


It was SO NICE to see that sun! That low hanging ball of fire in the sky. Winter sun is something I just love this time of year!

Then we found this little wetland/bay to ski down and find a good spot for our cookout.

Cellphone shot.
This girl loves adventure!

B gathered wood and birch to start a fire, while Severn and I explored around our cookout spot.


We brought a couple of beers for the adventure. Always nice to have a cold one after a good ski.

Cellphone shot.

Teaching Severn the ways of the fire.

And just like that we were done having lunch and it was time to ski back to the car!

Someone fell asleep.

Just chillin.


  1. This looks like so much fun! I should definitely try this. It’s like pretending it’s summer when it’s still winter!


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