Follow Waboose Adventures into the backcountry where every portage takes you deeper, and every step takes you further into the wilderness.

What does Waboose Mean? I read Sun Bear’s Medicine Wheel: Earth Astrology book years ago and discovered that I’m connected with Waboose, the spirit keeper of the north wind. The Season of Waboose and the North Wind is Winter, and animal totem of Waboose is the White Buffalo. The power of Waboose is acceptance of the necessity of sharing all that has been given you. That meaning really resonates with me.

I am in my early thirties and married to the most wonderful person. My husband proposed to me under an old growth white pine in Algonquin Park during the dead of winter, my favourite season.

All of the experiences I’ve had so far have brought me to this point in life and fostered growth in my interests. My favourite film has always been White Fang. I love watching a good nature documentary and adventure films like Never Cry Wolf – the experience of Farley Mowat.

I lived abroad in London, UK for 18 months on a holiday working visa, lived “off grid” in a hunting camp in Ontario with no running water or electricity during the first year of my marriage, moved to the Yukon for 13 months, spent 2.5 awesome years in Guelph and am now living in Muskoka exploring my surroundings.

Something that is very dear to my heart would be the act of being kind. Kind to one’s self, kind to nature, kind to all living things and kind to other people. We need more kindness in the world.

I am inspired right now by wilderness, the beauty of nature, being behind a lens, the colour blue, my life in the north, writing and outdoor adventures. I’m currently enrolled in a 2-year photography program to develop my skills as a photographer, and employed with Parks Canada as a Photographer. I also do a bit of freelance writing that include pieces for Algonquin Outfitters and Nature Canada.

– Cobi

One right on the kisser. Banjo and I out for a rip.

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  1. Enjoying your YouTube channel. I was born in Toronto but have lived in terrace bay, Longlac, Muskoka, and now have a second home in Atikokan (Quetico) … I live in Sylvan lake Ab! But outdoors is where I love to be! Preparing for my first Quetico trip this July. Watching videos of all kinds for tips and ideas. So thanks for sharing.


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