Why I Went Out Alone in Algonquin Park [video] – Part One

I had a lot of people rooting for me and I received an overwhelming response of positive words of encouragement and advice for my first solo canoe trip through social media. But then there was this one comment by someone who wasn’t as supportive.

My Camping Checklist

I’m about to embark on my first-ever solo canoe trip. I’m going for 5 days and waiting patiently for the ice to melt off the lakes in Algonquin Park. I plan to go the first week of May, so if the ice isn’t out of Algonquin, I’ll have to go to a different location. I’m…

The Conjuring Rock

It’s golden hour. We have spent the day swimming off the rocks and hiking through the pristine forest. As the sun dips down toward the horizon it illuminates the cliffs opposite our camp, turning them into a golden fairytale of rippling rock.

The Best (and Worst) Camping Memories of 2016

I received an email notification from another blogger (Gone Camping) who posted about 2016’s highlights. I thought it was such a great idea to reflect on this year’s adventures that I’ve opted to do the same! Since moving to Muskoka, my husband, Banjo and I have done quite a bit of exploring in the area….

Noganosh Provincial Park (Happy Thanksgiving!)

It felt weird for us not going home to be with family for Thanksgiving. Instead we decided to take the long weekend and go on canoe trip to Noganosh Provincial Park. I have been extremely busy since starting school full-time, and really needed some down time.

‘The Regulators’ Paddle Temagami – Final Part

Day 6 Paddling: 9.6km Portages: 670m (Jeff’s Map) or 700m (Ottertooth Map), 380m (Jeff’s Map) or 360m (Ottertooth Map), 105m (Jeff’s Map) or 100m (Ottertooth Map), 70m (Jeff’s Map) or 150m (Ottertooth Map), 520m (Jeff’s Map) or 580m (Ottertooth Map) We woke up to another beauty day. Our plan was to paddle down to McCarthy…

‘The Regulators’ Paddle Temagami – Part Two

Day 3 Paddling: 16.1km Portages: 185m (Jeff’s Map) or 160m (Ottertooth Map), 490m (Jeff’s Map) or 450m (Ottertooth Map) Another beautiful day in Temagami! It was all sun, so lots of water was mandatory amongst the group.

‘The Regulators’ Paddle Temagami – Part One

Day 1 Paddling: 7.2km Portages: 0m The idea for a canoe trip in Temagami came about when B and I planned our first annual Map & Flap on Family Day weekend at the hunting camp we used to live in. The plan was for everyone to propose a canoe route to the group and the…

Algonquin Through Magnetawan Lake – Final Post

We had a lazy morning packing up because we didn’t have that far to go to Moccasin Lake. When we started loading up our canoe, we could hear gunwale thunder approaching the same portage we were. It was a girls group of 4 canoes. We all landed at the same time (good thing there was enough…